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Frozen Poultry

Supplier & distributor of frozen poultry

Freezing foods for their preservation, from the time they are produced to the time they are consumed, requires for the goods to be carefully monitored in a temperature controlled environment.

The Company strives to provide the carefully picked foods in the optimal conditions, having identified the logistic partners that can perform to international standards.

Frozen poultry supplier

Carefully selecting


Poultry meats have good nutritional qualities containing protein, B-complex vitamins and minerals making poultry meat a valuable food. With a variety of different types of poultry meats available from all over the world, between other we supply and distribute chicken, duck, turkeys and goose to the market.


Driving Business Growth


Working closely with the customers the company serves, in order to identify
current and future opportunities in the market.


Collaborating with producers, as various new products may enter the market that existing or new customers may be interested in

Supply Chain

Organising the supply chain logistics, in order to deliver produce on schedule optimising the transportation

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